Is Holiday Shopping DONE?

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It’s our HUGE December Holiday Sale!  We have the perfect blend of boxes, sets, and separates for you to use or for your retail side.  We have 7 different product lines ready for shelves and stockings!

Atzen’s December SPECIAL is 1 BALANCE™ – Cleansing Milk – Age Reverse Safely™, 1 -BALANCE™ – Cleansing Milk – Age Reverse Safely™, 1 – BALANCE™ – Hydrating Toner- Age Reverse Safely™, and 1 – BALANCE™ – Hydrating Toner – Age Reverse Safely™for only $49 for all 4!  Regularly priced this set is $74, even Scrooge would approve of this purchase!

If you are looking for fruitcake for your face, then look no further than Shir-Organic December SALE.  

These are great stocking stuffers for your clients.  Pure Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser, Pure Pomegranate Toner, and Pure Revitalizing Pomegranate Serum can turn any old holiday fruitcake into a tropical rich vitamin packed spa day at home.  For that client who has normal to dry skin,and wants a day off at home full of pampering, this is it!

Then we always have those moments during the holidays when we feel like everything is falling apart. But instead of letting the momentary case of the hiccups get in the way of your holiday joy look to 2B Bio December SPECIAL for your next line of defense.  This wonderful wrinkle-free package includes a 2B Bio Défense (40 ml) and a 2B Bio Regard (30 ml). 

Who doesn’t need a little protection from the winter weather?

Or your clients could go for our M.A.D.December Environmental Special!  For$39.10 you get an Environmental Destressing Night Cream plus an Environmental Detox Mask.  Because we all know, “baby its cold outside!” We all need a little environmental protection in our lives.

Expurtise Skin Perfection Kit SPECIAL is the perfect gift and so beautifully packaged.  This kit includes so many wonderful things: ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Ultra Purifying Cleanser, ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Enzyme Peel, ExPürtise Fan Brush, 3 – Face, Eye, and Serum Samples, and a beautiful ExPürtise Holiday Candle. It “reduces signs of aging and promotes a more youthful appearance.”

Our Long Lashes & Lavish Lips SPECIAL is going to take the cake for your clients this holiday season.  Who can pass up Lavish Lips colors like Randy, Flirty, and Daunting for those holiday mistletoe moments? Because once those lips are puckered you get an up close and personal view of those gorgeous lashes.  You get 3 – LashesMD Eyelash Growth Serums plus the Lavish Lips for $117.60 usually running you $147.  This is a HUGE holiday discount you can easily share with your clients.

Help your clients put their best face forward this holiday season!

What holiday sale would be complete without Circadia?  We have 3 Circadia specials for you this month. First, we have the Holiday SOS SPECIAL.  Who doesn’t need to Save Our Skin with 3 – Hydralox and 3 -Blueberry & White Tea Hydrating Mist?

Next, for those oh so special holiday nights, we have the Let It Glow SPECIAL.  This age-defying package includes 3 – Vitamin CReversal Serum, 3 – Licorice and Bearberry Brightening Mist, AND 3 – White Veil Brightener.  Who can go wrong with soft and silky skin while sitting by a crackling fire?

Lastly, we have the Circadia Meri and Bright SPECIAL.  Help your clients get their holiday glow on with our Red Carpet Ready trio.  This beautiful bundle includes 3 – Vitamin CReversal Serum, 3 – MeriStem Serum, and 3 – Emergency Eye Lift.  This will help all of your clients “instantly tighten and lift their eye area, plumping fine lines for a younger look.”  And who doesn’t want to look like a beautiful“turtle dove next to the partridge in the pear tree.” 

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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