It’s Peel Season!

Our guide to the best peels for Fall It’s time to pack your backbar and treatment schedule with peels! A Quick Start Guide: Acid-Free Peel Systems: 2B Bio Beauty Bio PeelingSWiCH™ Dermal Rejuvenation System Circadia By Dr. Pugliese Glycolic-Based Peels: 30% Glycolic Peel PRO M.A.D. SkincareMulti-C / Retinol Peel PRO M.A.D. SkincareAcne Peel PRO M.A.D. SkincareRadiant Brightening...

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Circadia Facial Demo Videos + Upcoming Events

Circadia by Dr. Pugliese is one of our oldest partners in the skin care industry. Their dedication to advancing ingredient technology and educating estheticians is truly inspirational! Keep reading to find 3 Facial Demonstration Videos using Circadia products and protocols: The Triple Berry Brightening Facial, The Chocolate & Champagne Facial (great for Valentine’s!), and the Caviar...

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Back-to-School with CSS – Acne Care Guide

It’s Back-to-School Season for skincare, so CSS is returning to it’s roots: Acne Care! California Skincare Supply (CSS) originated in 1986, when Kelli Anderson and her mother Mary Keller opened their spa, Face & Body Studio was dedicated to improving their clients’ skin, with a special focus on treating severe acne. Mary and Kelli’s global search for skin care brands with the highest...

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Is Holiday Shopping DONE?

It’s our HUGE December Holiday Sale!  We have the perfect blend of boxes, sets, and separates for you to use or for your retail side.  We have 7 different product lines ready for shelves and stockings! Atzen’s December SPECIAL is 1 BALANCE™ – Cleansing Milk – Age Reverse Safely™, 1 -BALANCE™ – Cleansing Milk – Age Reverse Safely™, 1 – BALANCE™ –...

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Holiday Cheer Sale

What better way to start off the holiday cheer than with a SALE! This month it is all about being thankful!  Our brands have outdone themselves with holiday cheer.  Remember that sharing is caring, so keep on sharing California Skincare Supply information with your colleagues. As the leaves change colors from green to golden so do we.  Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but gold...

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Hyperpigmentation Hacks

While at the IECSC in Las Vegas, Jenny performed a triple layer peel LIVE.  She gave little hacks to make not only make the client’s skin look brighter and more even, but also how to keep the client comfortable.  Quick Tips: Have a small electric fan available to keep your client cool Use Q-tips to work the peel into the hyperpigmented areas Use a fan brush to evenly layer on the peels Massage...

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Pumpkin Everything

Warm notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg fill the air. Everything, from candles to coffee, is full of the intoxicating smells of pumpkin pie. Fall has arrived! There is no surprise that we are getting into the festive spirit, too. We have everything from Pumpkin Enzymes & Environmental Detox Masks to Pure Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliants. These products take the heat out of summer and give you the...

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M.A.D. Skincare is known throughout the esthetician industry for being able to layer various peels together to create a completely customized facial for each client.  Barry Eichner, the Cofounder of Lipgloss + Aftershave and the host of this year’s Skin Games, decided to take on the cock-tailing challenge.  The goal of Barry’s treatment was to “use a combination of peels and masks that...

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September – The 2nd New Year

The sound of school bells and the smell of pumpkin spice signal the beginning of fall. The end of the month starts the official autumn season. The beginning of fall means sweaters, school supplies, and new sales. It isn’t a surprise that all our brands are also ramping up their sales. M.A.D. Skincare is at it again with their Environmental Renewal Peel and Environmental Detox Masks. These are the...

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Back to School Shopping Spree

With the onset of fall and back-to-school shopping, remind your clients to take care of themselves. For many parents, back-to-school time can typically go one of two ways: (1) happy, excited, and overjoyed; or (2) sad, anxiety inducing, and milestone shifting. Either way, you want to make sure your clients take time for themselves. I remember when my daughter went through all those transitions...

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