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September Sales Guide

Brighten with M.A.D Skincare

M.A.D Skincare Fall Pro Bundle

Stock up on brightening skincare in PRO sizes and save 20%!

  • PRO Brightening Cleanser
  • PRO Glycolic Toner
  • PRO Radiant Brightening Peel
  • PRO Youth Transformation Exfoliating Scrub
  • PRO Delicate Skin Gel Mask
  • PRO Radiant Brightening Mask
  • PRO Spot On Targeted Brightening Serum
  • PRO Illuminating Daily Moisturizer

M.A.D September Brightening Duo


Fade Gel 5 is the ultimate skin brightening treatment for hyper-pigmentation, skin discoloration & brown spots. Enriched with Hydroquinone at the maximum percentage, combined with Azaleic, Kojic, Glycolic, and Lactic acids.

Radiance Brightening Night Cream works to plump the skin, even skin tone, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while leaving your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

From Circadia by Dr. Pugliese

Circadia End of Summer Oxygenating S’more Facial

  • Oxygen Rx Kit
  • Cocoa Enzyme Activator
  • Cocoa Enzyme Powder
  • Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask

Circadia End of Summer Rosacea/Sensitive Skin Bundle

A retail kit for your clients with Sensitive skin or rosacea!

  • Retail Lipid Replacing Cleansing Gel
  • Retail Chrono-Calm Serum
  • Retail Tranquili Cream
  • Retail Aloe & Calendula Mist
  • Circadia Travel Bag

Circadia End of Summer Acne Retail Bundle

For your clients with acne or oily, congested skin!

  • Retail Cleansing Gel with Salicylic
  • Retail Daytime Control
  • Retail Spot Stop
  • Retail White Willow & Juniper Clearing Mist
  • Circadia Travel Bag

Circadia End of Summer Anti-Aging Bundle

For your mature-skinned clients!

  • Retail Vitamin Veil Cleanser
  • Retail Vitamin C Reversal Serum
  • Retail Cyto-Comm Serum
  • Retail Revita-Cyte Somplex
  • Circadia Travel Bag

Circadia End of Summer Body Bundle

  • Professional Firming & Shaping Gel
  • Professional Tidal Moisture
  • Professional Blue Bamboo Body Scrub
  • Circadia Travel Bag

Circadia End of Summer Essentials Retail Bundle

Best selling products in a travel bag!

  • Retail Micro Exfoliating Honey Cleanser
  • Retail AquaPorin Hydrating Cleanser
  • Retail Vitamin C Reversal Serum
  • Retail Blueberry & White Tea Hydrating Mist
  • Circadia Travel Bag

Circadia End of Summer Pigmentation Bundle

Give your clients the tools to treat hyper-pigmented skin at home!

  • Retail Amandola Milk Cleanser
  • Retail White Serum
  • Retail White Veil Brightener
  • Retail Licorice & Bearberry Brightening Mist
  • Circadia Travel Bag

From Shira Esthetics

Shira Boto-Derm Vita-Burst Peptide Complex & Instant Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream

Vita-Burst is unique encapsulated peptide delivery that provides maximum penetration of active ingredients for an effective anti-aging serum.

Anti-Puffiness Eye Cream is a quick, innovative tightening solution for aging, puffy, and tired-looking eyes.

Shir-Organic Pure AHA Treatment Scrub Special

Pure AHA Treatment Scrub PRO and Pure AHA Treatment Scrub Retail size

Stock up for yourself and for your clients to take home!

AHAs are a “fruity cocktail” of acids, mostly derived from sugar cane, lemon, apples and grape, that help clarify and polish the skin’s surface.

France Laure C+ Combo

C+ Detox Harmonizing Cream is a natural remedy for dull and tired skin, helping to illuminate and revitalize skin damaged from stress and environmental factors.

C+ Detox Intense Serum+ is an anti-pollution serum effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines while brightening, regenerating, revitalizing and toning the skin.

Shop all sales here!

Circadia by Dr. Pugliese, France Laure, m.a.d. skincare, Shira esthetics

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