Field of Trust

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When becoming an esthetician you probably had many exciting moments, from starting your first class to starting your first full-time job. During all of your classes you learned techniques and strategies on how to be the best esthetician you can be. However, the key ingredient you need to enter this field is an amazing sense of respect and trust. It is trust in your skills and your clients. It is trust in the location, the marketing, and the universe.

Trust Your Brand

As an esthetician, you must trust in your brands and your manufacturers to drive your retail sales into the black. You are constantly learning about different ingredient technologies—such as how peptides are being used in the medical field—so you need to trust that your manufacturers are creating products that work.

Trust Yourself

You must trust in your own skills and knowledge to show confidence to potential employers, investors, or clients.

Your customers require the most trust of all. They come to us to be touched, and this trust makes our field so crucial in today’s day and age. More and more we are separating ourselves from other people by focusing more on our phones and computers. So when a client comes through your door, they are looking for sincerity, compassion, and results. The more valuable, special, and results-oriented we can make our touch to our clients, the better.

Click here to watch Kelli discuss the Field of Trust

It is crucial to have confidence and trust in yourself. You need that confidence to share your craft with your client. That might mean that you go and learn about chakras, or essential oils, or clinical practices like micro-needling. Do what makes you feel confident and builds your client’s trust in you.

Trust Your Coworkers and Your Space

Share a communal space, and put financial stock into your business. Make sure you always have stock – at least 3 of each product on hand. Don’t “order” it for your client because this shows that you are not invested in the product. Freight is expensive, so don’t waste your money. Cut costs by having your product available. You are showing that you stand behind your brand financially and showing confidence to your buyer.

California Skincare Supply carries multiple brands. We carry all of your supplies from organic bath and body to disposable headbands. You can get whatever you need all in one shop.

It is important for women to set something aside for themselves. 

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Because your clients deserve an hour to be pampered!

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