Improve Your Spa Business With Product Knowledge

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New Education Portal Now Available

 Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 5.16.43 PMMany spa owners struggle with cash flow. It seems there can be so many “things” that need to be paid for each and every day. Looking to keep costs low is always a goal of every spa owner, while, at the same time, looking for inexpensive ways to improve the spa and make it better to help grow the business. It’s a very delicate dance that most owners know all too well!

There is a very strategic method to increasing sales in any type of spa setting. Spas can improve their sales by providing top-notch education! Education is so important, it can be the tipping point between success and failure, between having cash in the bank and not being able to meet payroll. Education can be a direct link to improved sales.

5 Ways Education Impacts Your Business

  1. Build Estheticians’ Confidence
    When an esthetician is properly educated, he or she is able to interact with confidence when speaking to clients. Every esthetician needs strong initial and ongoing training in 3 key ares.3 Areas of Focus for Initial + Ongoing Training
  • Esthetician job description
  • Protocols for all treatments on the spa menu
  • Product knowledge for all back bar and retail products.
  1. Increased Retail Sales
    Personal care products are a multi-billion dollar industry. Your clients are buying skincare products, so they may as well buy them from you! If an esthetician has 4 appointments in a day and she sells $200 in product to each, which is $800 in revenue in the bank! When estheticians are able to learn about the product lines they are using and can have access to on-going learning. They can gain insight and understanding on how these products will help their clients meet their skincare goals. 
  1. Increased Service Sales
    When an esthetician is properly trained on how to do advanced skincare treatments, they are able to educate clients on the benefits of the treatments. Clients are generally blissfully unaware of what advanced services they need for their skin – if they knew – they’d be estheticians. When an esthetician has strong working knowledge of the protocols for peels, masks, enzyme treatments and the like, they can encourage clients to book these higher priced services over traditional facials.
  1. Increased Client Referrals
    When an esthetician knows product and treatment features and benefits well and uses that knowledge to help clients meet their goals – those clients are happy. Happy clients inevitably always refer their friends and family! It’s just how things work!
  1. Increased Client Safety
    Estheticians that are trained properly make fewer mistakes. When a day spa offers advanced peels, microdermabrasion, Microneedling and other aggressive treatments – the opportunity for injuries increases. Day spa owners can keep themselves protected by insuring that their teams are properly trained on treatment protocols.

Access to training can be hard, often times it requires time away from the spa, which can reduce treatment sales and increase travel costs. Getting to a good class or a trade show can take a lot of time and resources, unless you can find a strong online learning program.

FREE On-Line Education at CSS Learning Center
California Skincare Supply customers now have access to our amazing new Learning Center. We’ve created a state of the art, online Learning Center for all of our customers to access at their convenience, any day, any time, from any computer, smart phone or tablet. Our customers can learn about our product lines and treatment protocols. Spa owners can include the CSS Learning Center into the initial training of new estheticians and require ongoing education for all estheticians.

Accessing the portal couldn’t be easier.  Simply register for an account with California Skincare Supply, then click Education, then click CSS Learning Center, and register for the online education.


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