Unparalleled Authentic Relationships Equals Superior Marketing

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Location, location, location… It is one of the first things people mention when they talk about marketing their business, but an often-forgotten piece of the puzzle is relationships.

Networking is a great way to start building your business through relationships. If the only thing you are looking for at networking events is a quick sale, then your business isn’t going to grow. Part of being a successful business owner is being able to build authentic relationships with both your clients and your network.

Relationship #1

The first relationship that is most crucial for estheticians, or any entrepreneur, is your relationship with yourself. Be true to yourself by being honest, open, and ethical. Then, invest in yourself and your branding. Take time to be the confident and strong business person you truly are. The passion we feel for our jobs can sometimes allow others to take advantage of us, which is truly unfair. So if you establish strong boundaries from the beginning—and if you know your own worth—you will be far more successful as an esthetician. When you believe in yourself, all of the other puzzle pieces will fall into place.

Relationship #2

The second key relationship is with your products. Know your ingredients and love your brand. When you develop a strong bond between your product and you, sales will become easier and more natural. But first and foremost, you need to find and build that connection with that product. Try the product on yourself and in your practice. Make this product available to your clients. Grow with the product by following the company on online forums and asking other estheticians about their thoughts on it.

Relationship #3

Building strong relationships with your clients is the third most crucial aspect of your success as an esthetician and a business person. When you know your own worth, you create stronger, more authentic, relationships. People won’t take advantage of you because they value you and your skills. Our field is full of passionate, loving, caring, and nurturing women and men who want to help people, and that makes this community incredibly special. Remember that your clients are your best marketing asset. They will share their best—and worst—experiences with anyone and everyone, so it is vital to build those authentic, trusting, and caring relationships.

Relationship #4

Networking in your local community and online will help you build a variety of different and useful relationships to help you grow your business. By entering events and programs in your local community, and joining your chamber of commerce, you will put yourself and your business out there. These networking groups hold monthly meetings which will help you be noticed by a variety of other businesses and by your target market, women. There are also various women’s networking groups all around the country that can help you grow your business. Research all types of these different groups: women in small businesses, female entrepreneurs, and networking groups that focus on empowering women. All of these relationships will create a better business for you!

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