Men Have Faces Too. So Why Not Facials?

That's right. Let's not discriminate.

Anyone with a face can benefit from a facial, even if it's covered in whiskers.

Let's face it (pun intended). Women have been spoiled by beautifying and age-defying facial treatments for years while men have frankly just gotten left behind. It's just not fair. It's time for them to save face too, don't you think?

Well, good news. They have options now, lots of options. Skincare for men can now be part of their daily routine.

Last month we wrote about men’s skincare services, products and even spas that cater to men exclusively are really growing in popularity. Cheers to those men for demanding equal treatment. And cheers to estheticians for stepping up to the plate to give them the services their skin is thirsting for (pun intended).

This month we’re going to go into detail on how you actually give a man a facial and then how they can continue reaping the benefits with a skincare routine at home.

Men's facials with cucumber on eyes

First, what to expect from a men’s facial treatment?

Like most facials, a man’s facial routine may involve deep cleansing, exfoliation with steam or hot towels, extractions, massage, facial mask, serums, and finishing cream. In addition, different modalities and machines can be incorporated depending  on what the esthetician recommends. We’ll get into that below.

As with all facials, the benefits you can expect are stress relief (this is pampering after all but a facial also relaxes the muscles in the face), glowing, softer skin, acne and acne scarring reduction, and anti-aging benefits.

Ideally, men (and women) should get a facial treatment around every 4-6 weeks to maintain results and experience more anti-aging benefits over time. Yes, facials should be routine. 

Start with an assessment before you give a man a facial

A skin analysis is needed before a facial begins. The esthetician will make an assessment using a magnifying lamp, woods lamp or skin diagnostic tool to check the following conditions:

  • a breakout activity
  • skin dehydration AND dryness (too different concerns)
  • hyperpigmentation
  • dilated capillaries
  • black heads
  • deep and fine lines
  • white heads
  • any irritation, redness, and sensitivity

Keep in mind that not all men have the same type of skin. That’s why it is important to check first any underlying conditions that may react to a treatment.

As an expert, you will then come up with a customized routine for your client’s skin type.

Can men get a facial if they have beard?

Yes, and they should! Whether they have a short or a bushy beard, it is advisable for them to consider a facial treatment because the health of the beard is really contingent on the health of the underlying skin.

A professional men’s facial will help exfoliate the skin and open up the pores. They might already be using beard oils and balms, but nothing beats a facial for the skin to look and feel great.

Hands in rubber gloves touching temples of relaxed man in salon

Learn this simple, professional facial routine for men

Now we’re going to demonstrate the steps to give a man a professional facial in your spa or salon using the customized Gentleman’s Beauty Box Facial from Prana SpaCeuticals. Follow along in the video below as we go through the facial routine.

Step 1: Cleanse skin with Gentlemen’s Foaming Wash.

Step 2: Exfoliate with Purify Polish

Step 3: Massage with Beard Massage Oil.

Step 4: Apply AHA/BHA Refining Masque. Leave on 3-5 minutes before rinsing.

Step 5: Refresh with the Energizing Treatment Foam

Step 6: Finish with Purify Day Lotion (or more Beard Oil

Men's Facial Kit for Professional Treatments

Gentleman’s Beauty Box from Prana SpaCeuticals

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Prana's Facial for Men Kit

Once is never enough. Teach him this home facial routine to continue the benefits.

M.A.D. Skincare is a skincare brand that has everything he needs for a complete home facial routine.

For best results, use each product in the daily routine in this order. Click the title to be taken to the purchase page.

#1 Mega Rich Antioxidant Cleansing Gel M.A.D. Skincare

This cleanser offers a balanced blend of gentle cleansers and botanicals that lift away dirt while protecting yours skin cells, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and nourished and ready to start the day! This ultra gentle cleanser has been packed with potent antioxidants, TriniTea Complex, cranberry, apple and phellodendron extract to leave skin looking healthy and glowing.

#2 Everyday Renewing Toner 

Using botanical extracts as well as multi fruit acids, it gently exfoliates while leaving the skin fresh and revitalized.

#3 Wrinkle Repellent Environmental Protection Serum

Shields the skin against damaging environmental aggressors by protecting and nourishing the skin with a botanical rich serum for a healthy look that will last.

#4 Daytime Defense Moisturizer

This ultra light weight day moisturizer, provides cell detoxifiers, oxygen boosters and peptides to effectively protect skin cells.

#5 Eye Defense Serum

This light weight serum was designed to protect, hydrate and nourish critical areas around the eyes for a younger, radiant look.

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Ready. Set. Go! Expand your business with men's services!

If  you’re a skincare professional and have been planning to expand your business, or wondering how, offering men’s skincare services is a great way to do that.  Popularity and demand for men’s skincare services and products is through the roof. That’s not an exaggeration.  

And hopefully now you know how to get started. The products may be different, as is the facial hair, but the method is the same. After all, skin is skin. 

Also, California Skincare Supply is here to help guide you into this new field of skincare with training like this and live support in Facebook and on the phone.  

And so you don’t have to stress over what products to use or carry, we’ve already done the vetting for you and picked what we feel are the best men’s skincare products for professional use in your spa as well as to be sold off your retail shelves so your male clients can continue with their facial routine at home. Click the buttons above to go shopping. 

These are products we stand behind and so can you.

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